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An application for the patent can be created by national or international, plus singly or jointly. This application has to be made to the Department of Patent, trademark, and design into the suggested form.   

The application should include a declaration that the clients are in control of the invention or, in the joint application, one at least of the applicants. They can claim to be the real and first creator or the official authorized or assign of such author, and for that, the applicants want to get a patent. They have to be accompanied by the whole specification.    

What are Patents?

Patents need to protect inventions and remove anyone but the patent author from selling, importing, and selling the invention for a fixed time. The Bangladesh Patent and Trademark Office grants a patent for an invention that meets statutory criteria adds that the invention is a new, non-obvious patentable subject matter.

Frequently required after by Fortune 500 companies plus start-ups similarly, a patent may save an invention from being copied, giving the inventor some benefits in any marketplace. It can make an invention a lot attractive to prospective investors. A strong patent portfolio may significantly boost the worth of the company. 

Types of Patents 

There are three types of patents:

  • Provisional & Non-provisional 

This type of patent can be both provisional and non-provisional that typically protect the new machine, chemical composition, and even processes.  

A provisional condition is the first application that can be filed in high opinion of the invention. It usually includes a short report of the invention and should not contain claim. 

However, complete specs should be filed in 9-months from the date of filing of the provisional specification. The complete specification should especially describe and ascertain the nature of the invention and how a similar is to be performed.  

  • Design Patent

This patent saves the unique design of brand objects, for instance, the ornamental of a lightbulb design. 

  • Plant Patent

This patent can save asexual reproduction of fresh or new and distinct plant varieties like a hybrid.

We help every individual inventor and business get patent protection in several different technologies in the USA and overseas. It helps any clients in negotiating a patent licensing agreement. 

Terms Of Patent

You have to know some terms of the patent before patent registrations, informing you why you have to apply for the patent. 

  • Application: The assortment of papers should be filed at the United States Patent plus Trademark Office (USPTO) to obtain a patent.
  • Agent: Anyone who isn’t a normal public but not a lawyer but certified to file a patent application on behalf of inventors. 
  • Claims: This is a section of patent applicants that advantages the new and non-obvious division of the invention. This part of the invention can later be saved.
  • Counterpart: A patent claim before the USPTO regarding the invention which is patented in other countries. Typically, a similar person can file equally patent applications.  
  • Infringement: Selling patent device without any license from the real patent author.
  • Prior Art: The state of the company or industry before the patent that was filed is the thing that should consider prior art. It is eligible for patent protection as they are old. 
  • Patent Prosecution: This process of applying for plus receiving a patent
  • Patent Litigation: This way of defending the patent against infringement.  

Our Patent Service in Bangladesh

Let’s see our patent protection services include:

  • Continue and implement the patent portfolio
  • Prepare and action of the patent application
  • Filling PCT patent application
  • Sketching a patent license contract
  • Patent Filling
  • Patent proceedings 
  • Patent operation
  • Patentability search
  • Infringement selection

Who Can Apply

Patents are granted in Bangladesh as per the ‘Patent & Design Act’ in 1911 plus ‘Patent & Design Rules’ in 1933. According to Section 3 of the ‘Patent & Design Act’ an application will be made by any of the following people. It can be proceed single or jointly with any other applicants, if they are a citizen of Bangladesh or international. 

  • The real and legal inventor of the invention
  • The assignee of the applicant claiming to be the real and inventor
  • A legal account of any deceased person before their death was entitled to make like application.

Advantages of Patent

There are a lot of possible advantages of patents. When you make a decision and you want to apply for a patent application, you need to look at the invention. Then you have to consider the danger zone of not patenting it against the investment of doing so.

  • A patent can give you the correct to stop another from copying, manufacturing, selling, or significant source of revenue for any business. 
  • You will gate safety and safe condition for the pre-determined time that let you keep participants at bay.
  • You may use the invention by yourself.
  • Alternatively, the license of your invention of a patent for others can use it or sell it. The patent can supply a significant source of revenue for the business. Indeed, a few businesses can exist solely to collect the royalties from the patent they have already licensed. It may be in combination with the register design and trademark.  
  • Prevent the theft of the invention
  • Higher profit margin
  • Reduce competition
  • Encourage settlement
  • Increase market share


Patents have in the latest news as Apple and other technology industries have already used it to get monopoly rights in particular inventions. Many facts to everyone having a monopoly on inventions like rights have been an essential portion of the patent system. 

The significance of granting monopoly for original inventions has been identified in the USA whiles the USA Constitution’s adaption.

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