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IP Law Firm (Intellectual Property) is the backbone for many business owners, not only for Bangladesh but also in the whole world. A lot of advocates are hired to help with company matters. 

The intellectual property lawyer’s vital role can be different with the advent of technology that increases revolutionizing the business world. The means of it is to amplify what items are and how they influence the company empire.  

For helping your company, you must need more advising help; you have to take assistance of the IP law firm in Bangladesh. In this sector, only Expert IP Law firm can help you make plenty of solutions for any Law experts. 

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About Intellectual property IP Law Firm BD

Expert ip law firm in bangladesh is the first legal platform to help fast-growing companies who build standard customer terms. With a bigger network of independent lawyers in this competitive world, we can tackle any traditional project. 

If it is one time, consult with a part-time specialist on retainer and an entire freelance legal department. Streamlining the client workflow with top-quality technology including online documents and digital signatures, presents a real 21st-century legal experience.  

Though founded this firm recently but has been working the last few years with excellent reliability and customer satisfaction. As an individual accelerated business, we are walking with the traditional way work gets done, and Expert IP Solution advocates have completed on behalf of hundreds of companies.

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What is IP Law?

IP (Intellectual property) refers to making your mind like inventions of literary plus artistic works and designs names and images used in business. 

IP Intellectual property Law deals with laws to save and enforce the ideal of the creators and owners of inventions, designs, writings, and other works. There are many IP, including copyright, IP litigationtrademarksindustrial designpatents trademarks secrets.

IP is saved in law Registration Of Copyright and trademarks that capable people can earn recognition benefits from what they create. By striking a suitable balance between the innovator’s interest and the broader public interest, the IP Law system fosters an environment creatively.

Terms to Know 

  • License: A contraction granting permission for other persons to apply for the copyright, patent, and other services
  • Work for Hire: A creation what the artist created when working for someone and works for hire are owned by the artist employers.
  • Service Mark: A unique brand name can identify a service but not any product.
  • Trade dress: Distinctive packaging can be used for marketing any product instead of trademarking.
  • Patent agent: A lawyer can get REGISTRATION OF PATENT safety for inventions. 
  • Nondisclosure Agreement: A contract that prohibits one party from revealing trade secrets. 

Our IP Law Firm Practice Areas

Intellectual Property Infringement Investigations.
Trademark Searches Clearance.
Office Action Responses.

What do IP Lawyers do?

IP advocates cooperate in an essential role connected to the security of the intellectual property. In some capacities, they work as advocates offering clients in court processing. They also serve as advisers counseling clients about IP matters.

So many jobs the IP Intellectual property lawyers do are a far cry from the remarkable courtroom battles watching TV. Instead, most spending time in an office or any other location where they review essential documents, interviews, and a complete painstaking analysis of often highly technical material. 

An IP lawyer’s standard job is preparing documents required to file a patent of a trademark and then working with office services worldwide with the USA to attain a trademark or patent. Most of the clients and organizations offer several deals for making unfair use of IP. 

It may be simple composing a formal letter citing ownership of IP and pointing out what it can’t use without any permission. Or it can be complex filling a lawsuit and if a resolution isn’t reached and going to court to tenacity the matter.  

In contrast, IP help defends business plus individuals against over-assertion of IP by so-called IP-bullies and businesses that police their intellectual property rights aggressively. 

IP advocates can interpret the laws and regulations for clients to research to prepare several types of documents. They communicate both oral and written with their clients as a legal profession.  

Just like those types of IP vary, the advocates are similarly diverse. They can be law firms, govt—agencies, and among others. IP lawyers can be employed in several capacities like full-time, retainer, and so on. 

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The firm, Expert IP Law Solution is a complete service law for all intellectual property matters. This firm is a member of various international Associations like AEA, APAA, and so much more.


To approach every case, all team members are optimistic about having ownership of the clients with results. With our team's skill and experience, we supply the client's attention plus commitment effectively because they expect and deserve it. We struggle to supply a value-driven approach to every case by strategizing with every client to gather their goals.


Our firm is a leading IP Law Firm dedicated to supplying legal service on all IP matters that offer the worldwide most renowned brands doing business in Bangladesh.


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As a leading IP Law Firm affording legal service to protect IP rights, the talented Attorney and the Lawyers characterize the firm. The dynamic practice is significantly constructed by the present practicing lawyers of the firm.


The Attorney at Expert IP Law solution firm is always available to make a lot of time for their clients. They are present to answer all of the clients' questions, addressing concerns, and even over by phone or email away. This firm also affords nighttime plus weekend appointments to fit any busy schedule.

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Our IP Law Firm Services

As an experienced and skilled, we are a full-service IP law firm in Bangladesh with an all expert team of over a hundred attorneys who practices exclusively in the whole IP field. And our services are: 

Trademark Registration

Registration of Trademark is a word that uses by manufacturers or sellers of any items that serve to identify and even make differences on goods from others. Trademark protection takes place automatically on the usage of the trademark in business.

However, as copyrights, the trademark may be registered with govt. Authorities. Taking that stride affords the possessor of the brand so immense security accessible in any holder where the trademark isn’t filed.

Trademarks can be used for slogans or logos and for even use if the goods of a particular brand or seller in a unique way are called trade dress. Furthermore, it should note that marks and designs have to be unique or distinctive before offered for trademark protection. 

Our Law firm logical property advocates have a closely perceptive to face any demanding for our clients and the most excellent skill to monitor trademark and other services. Our expert includes:

  • Claims for False Advertising
  • Trademark Defense and Maintenance
  • Investigation for Licensing & Registration 
  • Unfair Competitive Practices 
  • Trademark Registration 


Registration of Patent is the most important intellectual property rights granted for an invention. Typically, it is said that a patent supply the patent owner with the correct to decide on how or whether others will use the invention. In trade for this right, the patent possessor can make many scientific data about the development widely offered in the published patent file. 

Patent supply protection for the developers of inventors that are useful and aren’t obvious to the average person. Patents affect hard technology like developed products and inventions that will be applied to make a unique design for manufactured products. 

Patent is different from copyright and trademark that is effective and applied for grantee by govt. Authorities. When trademark and copyright are strengthened with proper filling, the patent can save that doesn’t exist until the appropriate filler is approved.  In this competitive marketplace, any company’s long-time success depends on the ability to save its valuable investment from improving their company. Our each team Intellectual property Law experts have a degree in technology with industries experience, and we provide:

  • License Negotiation
  • Worldwide Patent Right
  • Infringement Analysis
  • Patentability Investigation
  • Filling & prosecuting Patents
  • Patent Enforcement 

Industrial Design

An industrial design characterizes the attractive and visual facet of an article. A strategy can consist of three-dimensional elements like the shape and surface of an item or two-dimensional features like patterns, color, and even lines. 

To remain relevant in today’s competitive world marketplace and businesses need a proficient and professional legal advisor where you can rely on the Expert IP Law firm. Only we help our clients from any angle navigate the ever-changing IP Law world.

Company Registration

The Expert IP Law solution is the most extensive brand management practice in the whole world. Overseeing, look at the world-class most extensive portfolio for more than two-hundred multinational companies in industries adding consumer products, food, electric goods, entertainment, and any communication. 

We prosecute management plus advice on trademark design plus copyright portfolio. We only advise and lead company assignment with licensing, and disposals, audits, and franchising. We work on trademark and policy, copyright, domain name, and unfair opposition litigation. 


Copyright is a lawful term that can express the civil rights that inventors have over their academic and inventive tasks. Every work covers the copyright range from any books, music, and painting to computer programs, databases, maps, and any technical drawings. 

Copyright afford any security for tasks that were authored by the copyright owner. Those jobs will be in any form and will be delivered by any medium. Thus, copyright protection will save written essays, music, painting, and even other works of movies, computer software, and much more.   

Our experienced IP Lawyer team helps all clients to register and save copyrights across all sorts of work, including:

  • Copyright Protection in Online
  • Copyright Registration
  • Ownership Investigation
  • U.S.A Customer Service Registrations
  • Registration Status Investigation

IP Litigation

IP litigation with all other well-regarded IP property litigation plus professional dispute resolution in some countries, we have the worldly presence and ability to supply you with far-reaching legal support. 

Our expert lawyers work collaboratively across the jurisdictions and providing proven strategies. They also know-how offer a single point of contact to assist you in effectively resolve most of the complex multijurisdictional IP litigation.  

We lead strategic copyright, patent, trademark, and unfair competition litigation. We are active in managing global and local offline IP enforcement investigations. We are the most extensive full-service IP litigation practice that means we bring together market IP expertise in the local area. 

However, we do all IP litigation, and we have:

  • Established landlord liability
  • Acted in Landmark trademark litigation
  • Acted in Landmark copyright case
  • We walk throughout the whole world and local IP enforcement programs for major luxury and style brands and also technology leaders.
  • We worked for the most important digital tune retailer on a sequence. 

Domain Registration

Our Intellectual property IP Lawyer assists you with all features to get domain name and registration, transfer, and also dispute resolution adding:

  • Investigating the availability of your domain name
  • Acquiring domain names from an existing domain registrar and third parties.
  • Selling and leasing the domain names.
  • Defending against any third party attacks on the domain name
  • Attacking third party domain name that violates the intellectual property 

Income Tax

Our team’s work and try to make sure any ideas with clients and stay secure will focus on what is best for their company and business development. Our expert can always give great advice about the income tax for your dynamic product with all legal points.

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A potent can provide for the creation of the holder of the patent, normally 16-years.

A patent holder contains the tight to make a decision that may or mayn’t – use the patented invention for the time being in which the invention is saved. The patent owner can permit or license other parties to use the invention or manual agree terms.
The owner has the rights to the invention to anyone else, who can then become the patent’s new holder. One time a patent expires, the protection finishes. The invention enters the public domain, which is the owner who can hold administrative rights to the invention that becomes available to commercial exploitation by another.